Environmental & Social Responsibility

Cupric Canyon has completed the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA process) for the Khoemacau property's Zone 5 Project area. Authorization was granted by the Botswana Government in October 2014 after an extensive engagement and review process by a reference group. In addition to the authorization granted under Botswana's environmental legislation, the ESIA work was undertaken in compliance with IFC Guidelines and Equator Principles. An independent review of the studies has been completed to confirm compliance. For the Boseto project area, all environmental authorizations were obtained during the previous ownership.

The ESIA process included extensive public and stakeholder consultations, and the undertaking of a number of specialist studies. It also included the approval of the archaeological assessment work by the Botswana National Museum (as required under Botswana legislation). Due to the low population density and the relatively large distance to the nearest settlements, the impacts of the project are manageable with the proposed mitigation measures.

Cupric has continued with, and expanded on, a groundwater monitoring program (levels and quality) since the acquisition of Khoemacau and the Zone 5 project in 2013. In addition, the Company has developed a Social Action Plan (SAP) after the authorization of the ESIA studies, and has continued consultations with communities and stakeholders as part of this process. Further to these efforts, Cupric has assisted the local authorities in repairing and re-establishing a permanent water supply (the Toteng project) to Somelo village, which is the nearest village to the Zone 5 project area.

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Environmental assessment work in relation to the integration and connection of Zone 5 and Boseto project areas is ongoing, and expected to be completed in early 2016.